QuikLink Internet

Hello There!

We are your hometown Internet Service Provider in Box Elder County, UT. Focused on serving rural areas of Corinne, Bear River City, Penrose, Thatcher, Bothwell, Honeyville, Elwood, and Howell.

We look forward to serving you! Get to know our crew at qlinternet.com/team

Please follow our Facebook page for details, news, and even hour by hour status reports during outages or repairs.


Latest News

Winter is coming. Please do a quick visual inspection of your dish and cable. If there are any concerns please contact us so we can fix it before the snow comes.

Phone System and Contact Info

We are working on a better phone system to make your technicians more accessible. Our primary phone number is 


Press 1 -  to contact your technicians directly
Press 2 - to ring the office phones - We are not always near a phone but leave a voicemail and we will be notified immediately.

Of course we always appreciate those who send us messages on Facebook.

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