Get to know our crew.

Matt Tingey (Owner)

Diesel Mechanic turned internet guy. He and his wife Sandra keep the place running, and keep us on our toes.

Ty Walker (Tech)

Customer Installs, service, and tower climbing. 

Jed Shannon (Tech)

Rancher, Father, and Comedian. Jed and his wife McKayla care for the western areas of our coverage. They also run "Country Connect" an internet provider in Howell.

Bret Anderson (Engineer)

Engineering and design of the network and system infrastructure from solar and wind systems to fiber optics and radios. Keeping things going all hours of the night.
-SIAE Certified

Bryant Tingey (Tech)

Customer Installs, service, occasional tower work. Rides a motorcycle and drives the van.

To contact technicians directly, please call 435-466-1070 and select option 3.