Business Support

Thank you for being a Business customer, let us support you

If you are an existing business customer in need of service:

Please send us an email to

  • Name of the business

  • Service address

  • Billing name

  • Nature of the issue or request

  • Steps you have taken to find/solve the issue

For advanced technical assistance please CC as well

If you've already sent an email but need urgent support please call 435-466-3070

Looking for dedicated or last mile services?

We can generally offer dedicated last mile services near our fiber hubs or edge hubs. Due to backhaul and power constraints these services require extensive planning and usually some construction or modification of our sites. Let us know your needs and we can usually work something out!

Dedicated service areas:
Corinne - 100Mbps standard, up to 300Mbps with special consideration.
Thatcher/Penrose/West Tremonton - up to 75/25Mbps standard and up to 100Mbps with special considerations

For engineering and questions please email