Corinne Hub

The primary hub on Iowa string. This site covers most of Iowa String, Hwy 83, and some areas as far as Forrest St. West of Brigham City.

Corinne Tower (Penrose)

A petite solar and wind site with a lot of possibility. This tower extends our service into Penrose, West Corinne, and a bit of Promontory

Bear River City/Honeyville

If the trees would stay out of the way this tower covers the areas around Bear River City, East Corinne, South Elwood, and Honeyville.

Co-op Tower

Serves businesses near the Bear River Co-op and residential areas south of Promontory Road. 

Tremonton Core

This is the second fiber core in our system. In the near future our system will be tied together offering a better and more reliable service to everyone. 

Bothwell and Surrounding

Our solar powered site is capable of covering much of Bothwell, Thatcher, Marble Hills, and surrounding areas

Elwood Core

A new site with new potential. Covering a 3-4 mile radius around the I-15 exit in Elwood.
We're experimenting with new, and much faster equipment here.